Alexander Pritchard - The Dawn of Tim

Alexander Pritchard

The Dawn of Tim

To make a top down game in Unity2D and C# with a focus on tile map asset production. Related links:

Play as Tim, a little ball who’s learning what is and is not appropriate in society, and defeat the adults in their life who are trying to hinder their creativity and ability to think for themselves. It's up to how you choose to play! Help solve all of the maze-rooms in each level of the dungeon before Tim's Spirit runs out, or see what happens if you don't?


  • Movement: WASD.
  • Click Buttons: Mouse..
  • Reset Level: R..

How To Play:

  • Step 1. Decide whether or not to trust N/A.
  • Step 2. Solve the puzzles, or don't!.
  • Step 3. Monitor your Spirit level..
  • Step 4. See what happens!.

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